What you can do/learn with a single Maker Uno Part 1: Basic (BM)

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What you can do/learn with a single Maker Uno? So I have divided into 3 parts:

  1. Basic – you can refer to example code provided by Arduino IDE.
  2. Intermediate – you need to develop own code based on your basic understanding.
  3. Advanced – more code development!

In this video, I will focus on basic level first.


On basic part, you can get all the example code inside Arduino IDE.

  1. Digital Output – please refer to Blink example (File – Examples – 01.Basic – Blink)
  2. Digital Input – please refer to digitalInputPullup example (File – Examples – 02.Digital – digitalInputPullup)
  3. Analog Output – please refer to Fading example (File – Examples – 03.Analog – Fading)
  4. Tone Melody – please refer to tone Melody example (File – Examples – 02.Digital – toneMelody)

Note: This post is more on sharing idea/knowledge, for detail steps please wait for our online video training.

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