Maker UNO Challenge

Start Making Something!

Who can take part?

Open to all makers of all ages. You may join individually or form your own team.


What can I make?

Create a project following the theme below:

*Mandatory to use Maker UNO in your project with any other components of your choice


Environment Use Maker Uno to build a system related to the environment.

  1. Preservation of the environment
  2. Recovery of the environment
  3. Awareness about the environment
Entertainment Use Maker Uno to build a system related to entertainment.

  1. Interactive games
  2. Music
  3. Interactive art
Education Use Maker Uno to build a system related to education.

  1. Help school
  2. Help student
  3. Help teacher


How do I submit my project?

Record a video of your project and document it neatly. Upload your video to YouTube or Facebook and submit the link in the registration form []


Is there a registration fee?

No, it’s free!


How will my project be evaluated?

Your project will be evaluated by the criteria below:


Elements Novice (1-5) Apprentice (6-10) Proficiency (11-15) Distinguished(16-20)

Able to show the practicality of the project in everyday life.


Able to produce a project that is original in idea and design

Added Value

Able to benefit the user when it is utilised

Project Presentation

(Verbal / Visuals) Convincing pitch that illustrates the major features of the project

Creative Video

Video visuals are engaging and able to provide a clear picture of the project


When is the deadline to submit?

The deadline is on 26th June 2018 (Tuesday 11.59 AM).


What are the prizes?


Projects that meet the following criteria will be awarded Bronze, Silver and Gold awards


    1. 80-100 – Gold  (1 x Maker Uno Board, 1 x T-shirt, Certificate of Achievement)
    2. 61 – 79 – Silver (1 x T-Shirt, Certificate of Achievement)
    3. 45 – 60 – Bronze (Certificate of Achievement)


Will I get a certificate even if I don’t get an award?

Yes, all participants will receive a Digital Certificate of Participation.