Diy Love Box- Maker UNO

Start Making Something!


This project is a project made by our internship student Asyraf (UITM)

In today’s technological era, DIY item becoming more interesting thing to do by the hobbies and the beginner. With a lower cost and affordable price, here, we would like to show you how to build your DIY Love Box using Maker UNO board and other components. You can also decorate it and make it more interesting.


1. Prepare the components as the list above.

2. Connect the circuit according to the circuit diagram.

3.Upload the coding into Maker UNO.

4. Setup and put the circuit on the prototype.


5. Turn connect your love box.

6. Enjoy your project.



This guide is assuming that you have already read the Getting Started for Maker UNO and installed the Arduino IDE. If not, you can refer it here.

1. Open the Arduino IDE and paste the following code into the sketch

2. Plug in the Maker UNO and upload the code.

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